Meet Sarah

Despite spending hours crafting overly colorful photo books as a child, I never envisioned myself growing up to become a professional photographer.


Because, back then, I associated the term “professional” with the photographers who instructed my family to outfit ourselves in single color themed outfits (big yikes...I know), and head to the studio for a stiff, inauthentic session.

Maybe that has been your experience too. Have you ever worked with a photographer who took you aside and really took the time to understand how you wanted to be captured? Or knew how to turn a notoriously nerve-wracking moment into a fun and non-scripted session for you to look and feel like yourself?

Not yet? Then we need to talk!

I’m Sarah, a wedding and portrait photographer. I capture life’s most treasured moments in a way that genuinely represents you and your personality.

While many photographers already have a mapped-out plan for you before you even call – I approach every couple, every client, every event with the same energy I did when I picked up my first camera. Curiosity. Intrigue. And a passion to capture those candid, once-in-a-lifetime moments to be forever relived.

That being said, I am full of ideas because I don’t presume you to be the expert on locations, planning, or how to best position your hands (unless you are a model, I’m sure you understand the struggle on this one). But when you walk away from your session or event, you’ll remember the connection and vivacity you experienced in that moment of time, instead of the awkwardly posed shoulder-to-shoulder lineups.

My goal as your photographer is to be your visual historian during your most celebrated time – not just another vendor to “check off”. From outfits and scheduling, to dress floofing, I’m more than just the eyes behind a camera. I’m a confidante you can rely on for the most stress-free, natural, and real photographic experience you’ll ever look back on.

A few fun facts about me...

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