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5 Tips to Know Before you Hire a Wedding Florist

January 17, 2022


Flowers are often an integral part of weddings – and for good reason. They are not only pretty to look at, but they can completely transform the look of a wedding venue. Hiring the right florist and selecting the perfect flowers for your big day can often be overwhelming. I recently spoke with Liz, from Bryde and Blooms, to learn more about how couples can ensure they will receive the exact floral look they want for their wedding day, and how to conduct a smooth planning process.


Q: What is the best way to communicate your vision to your florist?

“I am a visual person. I think most florists are. I love when I receive photos (from Pinterest, etc.). However, after receiving photos, it’s my job to help manage expectations. It may be possible to create exactly what is shown in the photo, but it can be very expensive if those flowers are out of season. One of my favorite parts of my job is to educate couples on all the different options out there. For instance, I may show them photos of Lisianthus – a flower they may have not considered or even heard of, because they often see the same type of flowers in many photos. Lisianthus look similar to roses and come in so many different colors. These flowers are somewhat expensive but are worth it because you aren’t just paying for one stem at a time. There are so many options out there to explore.”


Q: If you have a set budget for florals, what is important to prioritize?

“If you are getting married in a church, ask if there will be be greenery or something else there. Sometimes, couples want to do big, elaborate setups, but I like to remind them that they (and their bridal party), are what people are looking at during the ceremony. If you need to cut costs, I think the ceremony should be less of a priority than the tables and bridal bouquets.”


Q: What are your thoughts on décor or “floral flipping?”

 “So many couples these days are trying to save money by “flipping.” They want to take the garland from the ceremony and use that for the table. Most florists try to discourage this. The florists who do offer this will charge you an additional service fee since they have to stay or come back to decorate the head table. In the end you may not be saving any money. Overall, getting everything set up ahead of time is what most florists prefer.”


Q: Is it possible to make changes to an initial floral plan or add extra pieces later on?

“Yes, but it’s important to be realistic about any floral changes. Most florists will reach out a month or so before the big day, when they are getting ready to order flowers. I allow my clients two changes and after that there is a fee attached because there is so much work involved to get ready for weddings.”


Q: Do you have any general advice for couples reaching out to florists?   

“Be transparent. We understand that many couples reach out to several florists to compare costs. I don’t mind if you ask for a general idea of costs, but I am not going to itemize every single item and send over detailed photos without a commitment. All florists appreciate transparency.”


Q: What is your favorite flower or bouquet?

“If I didn’t have to worry about sustainability, I would make a bouquet with lilacs and other flowers from my yard. Lilacs and roses are some of my favorite flowers. I also love ranunculus and dahlias. The ranunculus petals are almost like paper. I grow dahlias and love that there are so many colors options.”

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