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Skiing Couple Photo Session | Winter Adventure Photo Session Idea

February 23, 2022

As a photographer, I think it’s important to continue to be artistically inspired. So, when I have free time, I like coming up with interesting photoshoot ideas. Alonna and Ethan were more than happy to try out my “ski photoshoot” theme and we had a blast!

We decided to do the full shoot at Devils Head Resort in Wisconsin, since we for sure knew there would be snow on the ground (Unfortunately, Wisconsin is not a mountain state and has very unpredictable snow conditions).  I love the playful, carefree vibe that these photos emote. After traipsing around in the snow for a bit, we finished the session by jumping on a chair lift and heading up the hill. It was quite the experience to ski with a heavy camera, but I made it work. 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying out more winter adventure photoshoot ideas like this one.

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