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My Top 2 Wedding Ceremony Tips for Better Photographs

June 20, 2020


Today, I wanted to discuss my Top 2 Wedding Ceremony Tips. Future couples – implement these tips to ensure better ceremony photographs!


  1. Consider keeping your ceremony sacred – Opt for an unplugged ceremony

As a photographer, it breaks my heart when I am shooting the bride during her walk down the aisle and I see a dozen bright cell phone screens and an iPad or two leaning into the aisle to snap that personal photo for Instagram. These screens are a distraction in photos, make photos look dated in the coming years, and most importantly, take away from the special moment of the bride walking towards her groom.

If this is something that would bother you, ask the officiant to make an announcement right before the ceremony about the use of phones during the procession and recession. You could also include verbiage on your wedding website or in small font on the back of your invite. While I occasionally still see some rule breakers at unplugged ceremonies, most people respect your wishes.


2. Schedule your ceremony start time around optimal lighting conditions

My second tip is to think about the lighting conditions when planning your ceremony time. With most wedding venues, you have no control over the ceremony location, which is totally okay. However, you do have control over the ceremony start time.

If you are planning on an outdoor ceremony, opt for a late afternoon/early evening ceremony. This will allow for the best lighting on your faces as you get married, plus you won’t be squinting in the sun. If a later time doesn’t work with your timeline, consider having a white alter for you to stand underneath. This will act as a diffuser for the harsh sunlight on your faces. Now, if you are having an indoor ceremony, the middle of the day is totally ok – in fact preferable in order to maximize the amount of light coming into the building.

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