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Read this Before you Book a Hair and Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

March 17, 2022

Once you’ve found the perfect wedding dress for your big day, you will want to move onto deciding on a hair and makeup look and hiring a professional HMUA or team.  But before you hand over payment, there are a few important things you’ll want to know to make sure you’ve found the best artist(s) for you. I spoke with professional hair and makeup artist, Tia, from Beauty Unveiled by Tia to create a helpful resource for future brides. 


1.What is something that is important to know before selecting a hair and makeup artist?


“Having a contract in place is very important. If they do not have a contract, that is a red flag. A contract holds the artist(s) liable to actually showing up on your day. Also, make sure they have reviews from previous clients.” 


2. Is it necessary to book hair and makeup services from the same company?


“Many companies only offer hair or only offer makeup. Some offer both hair and makeup. At Beauty Unveiled by Tia, I offer both services because I believe it’s more convenient for brides to have one point of contact. Also, every business operates with different timeline and business policies. Working with just one provider makes everything easier. 

However, if you choose to work with two separate companies, as professionals, we are able to communicate well and figure out how to flip clients back and forth on the day of. We work hard to make sure neither professional is sitting around and waiting.”


3. What is important to consider when asking questions about the Hair & Makeup timeline? 


“Every artist has their own way of managing a wedding day. If you choose a professional hair and makeup artist, they have already put in the work to know how much time per service they need. I actually average 30 mins per style per person, which is relatively fast. A lot of brides will come back to me and say “we aren’t sure that time frame is possible because we talked to another artist who says that isn’t feasible.” Every artist works differently and is able to speed up their workflow in different ways. It’s important to trust every stylist’s judgment in terms of timeline. As professionals, we do not want to be rushed on wedding day either.” 


“Another frequent question is about the actual timeline on the day of. I personally do not create an actual time slot schedule.

For example:

8am – Sarah (hair)

8:30 – Susan (hair)

9am – Kate (hair)

The reason for this is because a timeline never goes exactly according to plan (which is 100% ok). Although I average 30 minutes per person, that is not an exact science. So, if Susan doesn’t think her appointment starts until 8:30am and is running to get coffee, that could potentially be a problem if Sarah finishes early. At Beauty Unveiled by Tia, we have a rule that a client needs to be readily available to hop into the chair at all times.” 

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