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3 Reasons Why Engagement Sessions Are a Must

May 11, 2020

I believe engagement sessions are so important! That is why I chose to include a complimentary engagement session inside every wedding collection. While the session is not mandatory, I highly recommend every couple do one. Here is why:


1. We Get to Know Each Before Your Big Day   

An engagement session is the perfect opportunity for us to really connect with each other. Photographers spend more time with you than any other vendor on your wedding day! Building that relationship from the engagement session, provides a level of comfort and trust heading into your wedding day.


2. A Stress- Free Time to “Practice Posing”

Most of us are not models and would agree being in front of the camera can be extremely uncomfortable. The average person does not know how to pose or what to do with their hands – this is why an engagement session is so awesome! Think of the session as a no-pressure time for you and your fiancé to get used to being photographed. Typically, it takes couples awhile to “warm up” in order to create genuine expressions in photos. On a wedding day, there isn’t much “warming up” time – we need to be ready to hit the ground running! When we have had the chance to work together previously, the day goes so much smoother.


3. An Opportunity to Document What Makes You Unique as a Couple

How often do you get to do something that you love with your fiancé, where a professional comes along to document the moment? An engagement session is a great opportunity to show off your love and what makes you unique as a couple! We can document something you enjoy doing together, the location you met, the first date you went on, etc.

Coming soon, is a post on creative ways to use your photos before or during your wedding!

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