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Graduation Photo Ideas | UW-Madison Favorites & More!

College graduation season is upon us! If you are anything like I was before I graduated, you are most likely creating Pinterest boards with cap decorating ideas, and narrowing down your favorite campus locations for photos. Or maybe we are opposites, and photos and everything else haven’t crossed your mind yet. I am here to jump start your inspiration, and show you how much fun graduation photos can be (no generic diploma photos here!).

I believe taking high quality graduation photos is so important. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You will wish to relive those 4 years at some point in your life. What better way than with fun, joyful photos that show off your favorite campus spots.
  • It’s a great chance to snap an updated family photo for your home. How often does your entire family get together?
  •  If you take a solo graduation portrait without your cap, you just found yourself a high quality LinkedIn profile photo.
  • You only graduate once! Unless you decide to continue your studies, it’s your last opportunity to take photos as a college student.

I am a UW-Madison graduate and will forever cherish my high quality photos with friends and family taken around the Wisconsin campus. Now, I am lucky to do multiple shoots every year for new grads. I hope my photos below inspire you to dream up your own joyful graduation photoshoot!


2022 Spring Graduates: I already have graduation sessions on the calendar for this spring, so inquire soon if you have a date preference. I charge hourly for graduation portrait sessions – $350 for the the first hour and $200 for each additional hour after that.  This price includes all high-resolution digital images from your session, delivered no later than 2 weeks after your selected date. This is a flat fee… not a per person fee.  The more friends you want to include in your shoot, the more time you may want to schedule.  To inquire, please fill out the contact form on my website.

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