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How to Repurpose Corporate Event Photos: Maximizing Your ROI

January 20, 2020


Hiring a professional photographer for your corporate event may seem like a large financial investment – especially if you believe event photos have a singular purpose (event recap & event promotion). In reality, event photos can be easily incorporated into overall marketing and PR strategies. When leveraged effectively, event photos will make a lasting impact on your marketing and communication efforts. Implement these 5 repurposing ideas to maximize your ROI.


  1. Add Candid Images to Your Current Marketing Materials

Candid event photos can add visual interest to existing marketing materials. Consider adding photos to your website, brochures, newsletters, blog, and more. You’d be surprised at how well candid photographs can enhance structured promotional photos.


  1. Use the Images to Create Engaging Social Media Content

Event photos are typically a little less formal than traditional branded photos. These photos often help showcase the company’s personality. Select the best photos and post them on your company’s Facebook, Instagram and other platforms – but do not post the entire gallery at once. Most social media users will not be inclined to flip through a large album unless they attended the event. I recommend creating a social media calendar and spreading out the photos. Be sure to add engaging captions or stories when posting.


  1. Mail Photos to Sponsors or Clients

If your photographer captured a great photo of a client or sponsor, print it out and tuck it into a card. Snail mail is a nice personal touch, and may help strengthen your relationship with that person.


  1. Make an Album

Consider creating a digital album from the best photos. Then, print the book and put it in your waiting room. When visitors, clients or prospective clients come into your business, they can view all the great work your company has done in the past.


  1. Create Office Décor.

Frame your best event photos and hang them in your office. This will help you remember the great moments you had, and will be a talking point with perspective clients.


There are many other ways to utilize your event photos, but hopefully this gets you thinking. Finally, the best way to maximize your ROI with event photos is to plan ahead and communicate your needs with your photographer. This will enable the photographer to plan for adequate setup and lighting. It also ensures there will be allotted time to capture the photos you desire.

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