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The Factory on Barclay Wedding | Milwaukee Industrial Wedding Venue

November 18, 2022

Nicole and Jesse wed on a beautiful fall Saturday at The Factory on Barclay. These two fell in love in Milwaukee and their wedding definitely showcased that. From getting married at a renovated cheese factory, to serving beer and brat “shots” at cocktail hour, I don’t think you could get more Milwaukee than that.

Nicole and Jesse’s day was very relaxed since both the ceremony and reception were held at the venue. They also opted to do all portraits within walking distance, which was nice for their bridal party.  The area surrounding the venue is pretty industrial looking, but I think the locations we selected tied together nicely with their “old Milwaukee” theme.  There is also a bike path that runs behind The Factory on Barclay that worked wonderfully for the first look and a few other portraits. Keep reading to learn the bride’s perspective on their wedding venue and wedding planning in general.

Are you engaged and searching for a Milwaukee, Wisconsin wedding venue? This is why Nicole and Jesse chose The Factory on Barclay.


“We picked The Factory on Barclay because we loved the industrial, ‘Milwaukee’ feel. The venue represents the past and present (cream city brick, industrial, revitalized, chic, historic). Milwaukee is our home, we wanted to get married in MKE, so we thought it was a perfect representation of us!”
What are you most looking forward to on the day?
“We are most looking forward to the first look and our couples portraits! It will be the one time we can be together, relax, and enjoy the moment without anyone watching us!  Our wedding is the only time we will have all of our closest friends and family in one room, so it will truly be a special day!”
What inspired your wedding decor? Did you have a theme in mind?
“I am more simplistic/minimalistic. I picked the color scheme first.  I’ve always wanted cinnamon/rust/burnt orange. It is a color that reminds me of my grandma (who is no longer with us), so it felt right. Cinnamon is the main color, and we have accents of ivory, burgundy, light blue, and greenery! I love flowers, so I knew I wanted our centerpieces to be floral. Other than that, the venue speaks for itself with high ceilings, cream city brick, and chandeliers!”
Do you have any advice for future couples during the planning process?
“Start early/far in advance to give yourself enough time to work through any hiccups! Whatever your budget is, add a buffer for unexpected expenses! There are so many decisions to be made, big and small – to keep the planning process moving forward, make a decision, stick with it, and move on to the next! Make sure the little details are what YOU want (color scheme, food choices, drink choices, centerpieces, YOUR dress, decorations, etc.). Your wedding should represent you as the couple. Consider a wedding planner!!!”
Live Painter: Nicole Bobholz
Second Photographer: Amanda Ly Warren

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